Medovent Solutions

Medovent Solutions was founded with one reason in mind, applying the true concept of world-class customer service to our consultant and client relationships. Our goal is to identify consultants with a comprehensive and diverse background that have a passion to be a part of something more. Medovent Solutions is keen on listening to our consultants interests’ and what’s important to them, by taking an interest in their lifestyle, family life, and surrounding community. Medovent Solutions is dedicated to our client partnerships and we feel the best place to start is by establishing your trust. We provide the foundation for building that trust in our focus on compliance and holding ourselves to a higher standard. We provide the support for our clients to obtain, what we define as Revenue Cycle Optimization. RCO improves patient outcomes by applying Medovent Solutions’ staff augmentation approach which allows our clients to focus on each individual patient encounter. We align with our client’s interests to close gaps in care and improve quality measures.

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